Congrats Ms.Ananda. For the successful conduct of the NKC for the 2nd time in a row.

While i attended quite a few sessions last year, i couldn't come down to India for the season this year. The theme by itself was very catchy, giving enough flexibility to include sessions on a wide range of topics/issues concerning Bharathanatyam, unlike last year.

For the benefit of rasikas abroad, i request you to upload the videos of ALL the sessions on Right now we are able to see videos of ONLY 4 sessions (by Mrs.Priya Govind, Mrs. Nandini Ramani, Natyachaarya Shri V.P.Dhananjayan and by Hari Krishnan).

I hope you will be able to understand the feelings of dancers and dance enthusiasts living outside India/Chennai and hence consider uploading the videos of all the sessions! To make matters worse, my friends who attended the sessions keep telling me how enjoyable and informative they were! :( This makes me feel bad all the more!

I loved this years' logo! :) The website is really well maintained with up to date info!


Madhana Raghavan Nitiyananda Rahavan

I am a dance student currently studying in the US. I cannot thank you enough for posting videos from the conference on the website. I would always resent not being able to come to Chennai or attend this conference. It is a real pleasure and privilege to watch and understand different styles without having to go through unreliable sources and hear say.

Subhalakshmi Kumar
Graduate student
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Katyayani Thota hey....... heard the entire conference was awesome......... congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope to have something like that in our own city too.............

Srikala Ravishankar hi akka,sorry could not call you.I will give u a call this weekend. Saw ur reviews in the papers , and as usual u rock:-))))) January 6 at 10:22pm

Aravinth Kumarasamy Hi Ananda, congrats on the nice job done for NKC this year .. so many topics .. some very interesting and may be even essential for the dance community. Eg the session on lighting !!. Your performance at KGS on Navarasa was awesome ... loved the concept .. loved the performance :)

Nithya Nagarajan The Natya Kala Conference was fabulously organised.. and Geeta Chandran and Ramli Ibrahim were truly inspiring.. Great job akka!

Kiran Rajagopalan ananda akka...i really had a wonderful time working on the conference...i can't tell you how much i've learnt from the experience!

From Uttara Asha Coorlawala, NYC

Before classes take over my life again here in NYC, let me congratulate you on a beautifully managed and conceived conference with participants from Chennai and Delhi, as well as just about everywhere... and as always re-meetings were delightful.

With a gathering that has its history and its successes, the NKC will always need to re-balance the pressure to be inclusive and so build the audience for dance, while still keeping focus for the stalwarts. You did this admirably combining administrative expertise with your knowledge of dance.. I missed very much the coffee discussions, and the Q&A sessions as often dialogues can be revealing.. o well you could say that is the hardship of having to make choices when faced with a wealth of pleasures. So let me being to digest them as I write to you.

Policing timings-a most daunting task-you did with grace, alacrity firm gentle tact and beauty just as you introduced your participants. thank you very much for including me in the conference. As you know, I had a great time, investigating the IP issues- tried to show how a "dry' topic is passionately consuming...Would love to know if you would be setting up "satelite' discussion groups on IP and choreography...

The commitment to run such a conference is very demanding of time and personal energy, so I simply am amazed at how smoothly you accomplished it, along with a dance performance

warmest greetings