Reviews by Rajee Mani  

When Sri Rama reigned supreme….
- Rajee Mani

December 24, 2008

This year at Sri Krishna Gana Sabha, it was truly Sri Rama reigning supreme! With the Natya Kala Conference hosting the Ramayana in performing arts, the morning margazhi air was saturated with Sri Rama Nama – the quintessence of the thousand names of Vishnu and the myriad forms and versions of that immortal epic Sri Ramayana. 

Full credit to the convener of the year Dr. Ananda Shankar Jayant for so beautifully weaving together the countless threads of the Ramayana in the countless patterns of Indian performing art forms and bring out a “Viswaroopa Dharshana” of our country’s most revered, most ancient, and most popular scripture.

That these scintillating presentations were staged on the most “divine dias” of Sri Krishna Gana Sabha set in that enticing, ethnic ambience can only be compared to the streak of golden hue to the shimmer of serene silk.

This conference was an amazing amalgamation of artistic spectrum transcending all borders and boundaries of states and countries, languages and culture. Dr. Ananda had toiled tirelessly for months to churn out a continental feast for this margazhi in addition to the routine Pongal, can we say?

Dance forms, sometimes pure and pristine, other times new and novel – sometimes power packed and aggressive, other times emotive and subdued – sometimes bursting with bhava, other times lilting with laya – but at all times mesmerizing and mind blowing, this was what the common rasika, the critic and connoisseur of art experienced and enjoyed at N.K.C. this year – thanks to Sri Rama, thanks to Sri Ramayana, thanks to our treasure house of art forms and thanks to Sri Krishnan Gana Sabha.

A regular attendee at the conference, rasika Rajee Mani shares her experience.