Over the Years     

Year Convener Theme
1981-82 Dr Padma Subrahmanyam Unit and integration of the various theatrical arts in India( Unity in Diversity)
1982-83 Dr Padma Subrahmanyam Inter disciplinary studies of dance styles
1983-84 Dr Padma Subrahmanyam The concept of Lasya in dance styles
1984-85 Lakshmi Viswanathan Underatanding the Renaissance
1985-86 Lakshmi Viswanathan Natya technique in Bharatanatyam shastra
1986-87 Prof CV Chandrashekar Nrtta and Abhinaya
1987-88 Dr Kanak Rele Innovation
1988-89 Dr Kanak Rele Concept of theatre tradition in Natyam
1989-90 Prof CV Chandrashekar Angahara
1990-91 Sudharani Raghupathy Indian Classical Dance- Pat, Present and Future and the emerging trends
1991-92 Sudharani Raghupathy Lasya in Natya
1992-93 Sonal Mansingh Concept of Rasa and Bhava
1993-94 Sonal Mansingh Contemporary poetry in Indian languages and integral approach to dance
1994-95 VP Dhananjayan Evolutionary and innovative changes in Bharatanatyam
1995-96 VP Dhananjayan The concept of Purush or the male in dance
1996-97 Chitra Visweswaran Dance An interdisciplinary activity
1997-98 Chitra Visweswaran The Joy of Dance
1998-99 Kalanidhi Narayanan  
1999-2000 Kalanidhi Narayanan  
2000-01 Anita Ratnam Writing Dance
2001-02 Anita Ratnam Choreography in India
2002-03 Leela Samson Architectural space in dance
2003-04 Leela Samson Philosophy of art in Indian dance
2004-05 MV Narasimhachari and Vasanthalakshmi Bhava in Bharatanatyam
2005-06 MV Narasimhachari and Vasanthalakshmi Folk Dances
2006-07 Bharathi Shivaji Tradition and its challenges today
2007-08 Bharathi Shivaji Music in Indian Dance